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source site Please note: Wednesday and Saturday Stablefords are open to all Club members.

18th October 2017
Wednesday Stableford
go site  Score
1st   Simon Carr  39 points
2nd Paul Fryatt  37 points
3rd Adrian Henley  36 points


11th October 2017
Wednesday Stableford
thesis topics in database security  Score
1st   James Parkhouse  42 points
2nd Colin Papworth  37 points
3rd Jake Brock  35 points


4th October 2017
Wednesday Stableford
follow url  Score
1st   Ian Jones  37 points cb
2nd Don Carter  37 points
3rd Adrian Henley  36 points


27th September 2017
Wednesday Stableford
nyt college essays  Score
1st   Nick Wilden  37 points cb
2nd Simon Carr  37 points
3rd Craig Townsend  34 points


20th September 2017
Wednesday Stableford  Score
1st   Richard Consterdine  39 points
2nd Simon Rooke  35 points cb
3rd Graham Norman  35 points


16th September 2017
Saturday Stableford  Score
1st   Jonathan Compton  30 points
2nd Gary Quinn  29 points
3rd Sean Greenaway  28 points


13th September 2017
Wednesday Stableford
see  Score
1st   Mark Heaver  36 points cb
2nd John Pearce  36 points
3rd Adrian Henley  34 points


6th September 2017
Wednesday Stableford
go to link  Score
1st   Jake Brock  40 points
2nd Simon Rooke  36 points cb
3rd Steve Mayes  36 points


2nd September 2017
Saturday Stableford
thesis format ecu  Score
1st   Ben Sclater  42 points
2nd Jeremy Binch  39 points
3rd Barrie Keith  38 points


30th August 2017
Wednesday Stableford
thesis binding sussex  Score
1st   Matt Wonnacott  40 points
2nd Adrian Henley  37 points cb
3rd John Cossey  37 points


26th August 2017
Saturday Stableford  Score
1st   Gary Chapman  35 points
2nd James Parkhouse  34 points cb
3rd Steve Mayes  34 points


23rd August 2017
Wednesday Stableford
go to site  Score
1st   Andrew Hitchman  40 points
2nd Darren Burridge  38 points cb
3rd James Allum  38 points


19th August 2017
Saturday Stableford
transitions in an essay  Score
1st   James Allum  39 points
2nd Aaron Robertson  34 points
3rd Tony Rooke  33 points


16th August 2017
Wednesday Stableford
deadly identities essay  Score
1st   Wayne Stamenkovic  42 points
2nd Colin Papworth  41 points
3rd James Allum  40 points


12th August 2017
Saturday Stableford
thesis ideas for music education  Score
1st   Gary Quinn  36 points
2nd Wayne Stamenkovic  35 points
3rd Steve Mayes  33 points


9th August 2017
Wednesday Stableford
go to site  Score
1st   Chrs Hayter  38 points
2nd Dave Hodges  35 points cb
3rd Wayne Stamenkovic  35 points cb
4th Wayne Ebdon  35 points 2s: Sam Williams x 2, Jake Brock, Rob Oates and Chris Hayter


5th August 2017
Saturday Stableford  Score
1st   Richard Vanstone  42 points
2nd Neil Allum  39 points
3rd Mark Commins  37 points


critical essay on tartuffe 2nd August Wednesday Stableford - No results as very bad weather


31st July 2017
Ladies v. Vets Annual Match Scores Scores
 34 Jan Varvel & June Cassidy Brian Riordan & Bob Appleby  41
 42 Mo Wood & Jean Halliday Roger Bloomfield & Mike Redman  43
 31 Teresa Barrett & Mo Norrish Alan Whiteman & Dave Cann  37
 38 Kaz Sampson & Tricia Clarke Andy Gay & Chris Sumner   39
 37 Gina Redman & Frances Lewes-Palmer Tony Andrews & Ted Harwood  44
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29th July 2017
Jubilee Cup - Texas Scramble Medal - 3 players  Score
1st   Greg Ticehurst, Paul Ticehurst & Terry Thorne  58.2
2nd Sam Williams, Paul Eaton & Rob Baker  58.3
3rd Rich Williams, Ben Sclater & Dave Heaton  59


26th July 2017
Wednesday Stableford
go here  Score
1st   Mr James Allum  38 points
2nd Mr Chris Hayter  36 points
3rd Mr John Winter  35 points


22nd July 2017
Saturday Stableford  Score
1st   Mr A Riches  34 points
2nd Mr Jon Skinner  31 points
3rd Mr Jason Rabbage  29 points


20th July 2017
125 years Celebratory Mixed Special Event, a drawn pairs Texas scramble (medal, 3 drives each, 10% combined handicap)
1st Marlene Dyment & Roy Gibson  72.0
2nd Marian Tose & Tony Andrews  73.4
3rd Tricia Clarke & Brian Riordan  73.9
4th Mo Wood & Dave Cann  75.5


19th July 2017
Wednesday Stableford
follow link  Score
1st   Mr Barry Jeffery  38 points
2nd Mr Ray Mcmackin  35 points
3rd Mr Ben Taylor  35 points


15th July 2017
Saturday Stableford
follow  Score
1st   Mr Jonathan Compton  44 points
2nd Mr B Sclater  38 points
3rd Mr Andrew Bastow  34 points


8th July 2017
Saturday Stableford
see  Score
1st   Mr James Allum  40 points
2nd Mr J Brock  39 points
3rd Mr Mark Crocker  39 points


5th July 2017
Wednesday Stableford  Score
1st   Mr Ben Taylor  49 points
2nd Mr Graham Norman  42 points
3rd Mr A Riches  42 points


28th June 2017
Wednesday Stableford
njit essay topics  Score
1st   Mr E Poultney  34 points
2nd Mr David Hodges  33 points
3rd Mr B Keith  33 points


21st  June 2017
Wednesday Stableford
mintzberg management role essay  Score
1st   Mr J Urquhart  38 points
2nd Mr Simon Rooke  38 points
3rd Mr A Henley  37 points


18th June 2017
Sunday Stableford  Score
1st   Mr Jon Skinner  34 points
2nd Mr Paul Fryatt  32 points
3rd Mr W Ebdon  31 points


14th June 2017
Wednesday Stableford
help me write my essay for free  Score
1st   Mr J Brock  40 points
2nd Mr C Hayter  39 points
3rd Mr John Cossey  37 points


7th June 2017
Wednesday Stableford  Score
1st   Mr James Parkhouse  40 points
2nd Mr James Allum  38 points
3rd Mr A Henley  38 points


17th April 2017
Easter Monday Bunny Hop
1st   Sarah Thomas, Jamrs Allum & H. McDonald  47.2
2nd N. Prior, R. Vanstone & R. Bamford  50.5
3rd K. Brimson, M. Mullarkey & D. Hodges  51


26th February 2017
Captains' Drive-in - 10 Hole Stableford
Vets & Men    
1st  Brian Riordan (Vets' Captain)  21 points
2nd Adrian Jacobs  20 points (cb)
3rd Norrie  20 points
1st Tricia Clarke  19 points
2nd Kaz Sampson  15 points
3rd Linda Trunkfield  13 points

  Winners of Guess the drive Distance: Men's - Adrian Jacobs, Vets - Roger Bloomfield & Ladies - Jill Diprose