This page shows match reports and results from the Vets Section.  

30th August 2016
 3 Man Team Stableford
1st B.Eaton, B.Appleby, G.Rogers 120 pts
2nd A.Whiteman, T.Thorne, T.Hansford 119 pts bb9 
3rd P.Farmer, R.Wilks, M.Beckett 119pts


23rd August 2016
 Better Ball Medal
1st R.Goodliff, J.Seatherton 63 bb9
2nd M.Watson, C.Sumner 63 
3rd M.Beckett, P.Hansford 64 bb9


16th August 2016
1st Round Mike White Eclectic - Medal
 Score essays on daily life in north korea Division 1    
1st R.Bloomfield 69 
2nd A.Whiteman 71 bb9 
3rd I.Roberts 71 bb9 x ray photoelectron spectroscopy thesis Division 2    
1st D.Lesser 65 
2nd A.Banks 71 bb9
3rd P.Hansford 71


9th August 2016
3 Clubs & A Putter  Individual Stableford
 Score goat farm essay Division 1    
1st M.Beckett 37pts 
2nd I.Roberts 35pts 
3rd B.Norrington 34pts 
example of biography essay of a person Division 2    
1st H.Morris 34pts 
2nd K.Duringer 32pts bb9
3rd D.Lesser 32pts bb9


2nd August 2016
 Yellow Square 
1st D.Cann, C.Tattersall, B.Dyer 114
2nd R.Bloomfield, T.Rooke, J.Seatherton 111
3rd P.Dixon, B.Appleby, D.Hammett 109


26th July 2016
 Individual Stableford
 Score essay pay write Division 1    
1st M.Watson 39pts 
2nd B.Eaton 38pts 
3rd P.Wood 37pts bb9
write a descriptive essay about your teacher Division 2    
1st D.Hammett 40pts 
2nd T.Andrews 35pts bb9
3rd C.Tattersall 35pts 


19th July  2016
 3 Man Team - 2 Scores to Count
1st R.Clarke, J.Sampson, C.Mears 85
2nd A.Whiteman, D.Hammett, B.Eaton 83 
3rd A.Brookes, M.Watson, T.Harwood 80 bb9


12th July  2016
 Betterball Stableford 
1st T.Rooke, J.Trunkfield 42pts bb9
2nd B.Riordan, M.Tothill 42pts 
3rd R.Clarke, K.Duringer 41pts bb9


14th June 2016
 Individual Stableford
 Score harvard government thesis Division 1    
1st A.Whiteman 37pts 
2nd A.Brookes 35pts 
3rd R.Gibson 34pts nus essays tips Division 2    
1st M.Thomas 37pts bb9
2nd B.Dyer 37pts 
3rd J.Seatherton 35pts 


7th June  2016
 3 Man Team 
1st T.Hansford, T.Andrews, B.Riordan 97pts
2nd G.Konetsky, J.Harries, D.Lesser 96pts bb9
3rd J.Moroney, C.Moore, P.Hansford 96pts 


31st May 2016
 Invitation - 4BBB
1st J.Seatherton & G.Seatherton 43pts
2nd J.Moroney & T.Landau 42pts bb9
3rd T.Lees & S.Wells 42pts bb9


24th May 2016
 3 Man 6-6-6
1st A.Brookes, P.Dixon, D.Lesser 88
2nd A.Banks, J.Harries, P.Dixon 81
3rd A.Whiteman, T.Harwood, T.Rooke 76


17th May 2016
 BB Medal
1st P.Farmer, J.Harries 62
2nd J.Moroney, M.Thomas 66 bb1
3rd A.Whiteman, H.Morris 66


10th May 2016
 Individual Stableford
 Score cheap thesis help Division 1    
1st P.Farmer 40pts 
2nd I.Roberts 39pts 
3rd C.Ofield 37pts
compair and contrast essay Division 2    
1st T.Rooke 40pts
2nd J.Seatherton 37pts 
3rd J.Sampson 36pts 


3rd May 2016
 3 Man Yellow Square
1st J.Moroney, B.Norrington, R.Clarke 114pts
2nd D.Lesser, T.Rooke, A.Whiteman 112pts
3rd A.Hopkins, T.Harwood, P.Dixon 111pts  bb9


26th April 2016
1st T.Morgan, C.Mears 10 bb9
2nd T.Thorne, J.Slee 10
3rd M.Cockram, T.Andrews 12 bb9


19th April 2016
4 Clubs & A Putter Individual Stableford
 Score argumentative essay introduction examples Division 1    
1st I.Roberts 40pts 
2nd S.Piper 35pts 
3rd R.Clarke 33pts legal essays free Division 2    
1st D.Hammett 39pts
2nd T.Thorne 36pts 
3rd H.Morris 30pts bb9


12th April 2016
 Texas Scramble
1st A.Jacobs 63.5
2nd P.Vernon 64.2
3rd J.Trunkfield 64.6


5th April 2016
 Better Ball
1st R.Bays, P.Hansford 42pts
2nd J.Pearce, M.Seal 40pts bb9
3rd I.Roberts, D.Hammett 40pts


29th March 2016
 Texas Scramble
1st R.Gibson, B.Eaton, T.Hansford, J.Seatherton 60.8 
2nd P.Dixon, T.Harwood, C.Swain 61
3rd R.Clarke, J.Moroney, T.Andrews 62


22nd March 2016
Individual Stableford
edit college essays services Division 1    
1st P.Farmer 39pts bb9
2nd M.Beckett 39pts 
3rd A.Whiteman 38pts
capital budgeting thesis paper Division 2    
1st A.Brookes 39pts
2nd B.Dyer 36pts bb9
3rd B.Appleby 36pts bb9


15th March 2016
Yellow Square Stableford
1st M.Beckett, B.Dyer, J.Moroney 111pts 
2nd R.Gibson, H.Morris, A.Banks 103pts 
3rd C.Burkin, T.Thorne, T.Andrews 102pts 


8th March 2016
Better Ball
1st A.Whiteman,H.Morris 44pts 
2nd S.Piper, M.Tothill 43pts 
3rd R.Gibson, D.Cann 42pts 


1st March 2016
3 Man Team 
1st A.Whiteman, C.Swain, P.Farmer 78pts bb9
2nd T.King, C.Sumner, R.Clarke 78pts 
3rd M.Cockram, J.Seatherton, M.Thomas 74pts 


23rd February 2016
Individual Stableford
 Score philosophy thesis editing Division 1    
1st D.Williams 36pts
2nd R.Gibson 35pts 
3rd A.Whiteman 34pts research paper about electrical engineering Division 2    
1st C.Mears 37pts
2nd D.Lesser 36pts
3rd J.Moroney 34pts 


16th February  2016
3 Man Team 2 Scores To Count
1st A.Brookes, B.Eaton, H.Morris 81pts
2nd R.Gibson, B.Norrington, M.Thomas 72pts bb9
3rd M.Watson, V.Cook, A.Banks 72pts 


9th February  2016
3 Man Team Stableford
1st R.Gibson, J.Seatherton, C.Tattersall 54pts bb9
2nd A.Brookes, D.Hammett, T.Rooke 54pts
3rd M.Watson, C.Mears, B.Norrington 52pts bb9


2nd February  2016
4 Ball Better Ball Stableford
1st D.Williams, D.Lesser 41pts bb9
2nd B.Eaton, J.Seatherton 41pts bb9
3rd I.Roberts, T.Andrews 41pts 


19th January 2016
Yellow Square Stableford
1st T.Rooke, M.Redman, M.Beckett 111pts
2nd T.Harwood, T.Andrews, D.Lesser 107pts
3rd B.Eaton, B.Norrington, C.Swain 96pts


12th January 2016
Team Stableford
1st J.Sampson, J.Moroney, M.Thomas, R.Gibson 64pts
2nd B.Riordan, D.Cann, B.Eaton 62pts
3rd B.Appleby, J.Trunkfield, B.Norrington 60pts


5th January 2016
Texas Scramble
1st C.Burkin, C.Mears, A.Brookes 51.8
2nd M.Beckett, J.Trunkfield, M.Redman 54.8 bb9
3rd T.Lees, B.Appleby, A.Smith 54.8


29th December 2015
Yellow Square
1st J.Harries, T.Harwood, P.Wood 111pts
2nd D.Williams, P.Buckler, T.Andrews 106pts
3rd C.Ofield, A.Banks, B.Riordan 103pts bb9


22nd December 2015
Blind Pairs Stableford
1st P.Pearson, B.Eaton 63pts
2nd I.Reynolds, D.Williams 62pts
3rd T.Rooke, D.Hammett 60pts bb9


15th December 2015
3 Man Team Spanish Card
1st B.Appleby, J.Harries, P.Dixon 80pts
2nd S.Piper, T.Andrews, V.Cook 79pts
3rd D.Williams, A.Brookes, D.Hammett 78pts


1st December2015
Individual Stableford
 Score textiles coursework example Division 1    
1st D.Williams 39pts
2nd M.S.Davis 37pts bb9
3rd P.Wood 37pts
questbridge biographical essay Division 2    
1st T.Harwood 40pts
2nd M.Redman 35pts
3rd P.Hansford 33pts bb9


24th November 2015
Captains Trophy
1st B.Norrington, J.Seatherton 46
2nd D.Cann, C.Burkin 45 bb9
3rd R.Bays, T.Andrews 45


10th November 2015
Texas Scramble
1st C.Ofield, A.Hopkins, R.Bates 66
2nd V.Cook, P.Dixon, G.Rogers 67.6
3rd B.Eaton, T.Hansford, B.Appleby 67.9


3rd November 2015
Stableford 2 Divisions
 Score how to paraphrase in a research paper Division 1    
1st P.Dixon 39pts
2nd A.Whiteman 36pts 
3rd R.Clarke 33pts
paper editing services Division 2    
1st A.Brookes 33pts
2nd J.Seatherton 31pts
3rd T.Harwood 30pts bb9


20th October 2015
Stableford 2 Divisions
 Score game semantics and the manifestation thesis Division 1    
1st B.Eaton 39pts
2nd D.Williams 38pts 
3rd K.Whidden 37pts
thesis proposal introduction example Division 2    
1st T.Harwood 40pts
2nd J.Sampson 37pts
3rd T.Lees 35pts


13th October 2015
Yellow Square
1st K.Whidden, M.Seal, T.Harwood 112pts
2nd T.Morgan, C.Sumner, A.Brookes 109pts bb9
3rd M.Cockram, T.Hansford, K.Duringer 109pts


29th September 2015
3 Man Texas Scramble
1st C.Ofield, J.Sampson, B.Norrington 62.5
2nd A.Whiteman, P.Cupit, C.Sumner 63.8
3rd I.Roberts, J.Seatherton, R.Wilks 64.5


22nd September 2015
3 Man Team Stableford
1st G.Rivett, T.Morgan, M.Redman 85pts
2nd A.Whiteman, J.Seatherton, H.Morris 81pts
3rd J.Sampson, C.Mears, B.Norrington 78pts


15th September  2015
Blind Pairs
1st D.Williams, E.Forth, M.Davis, A.Gorman 87pts
2nd P.Dixon, M.Tothill, R.Clarke, K.Duringer 83pts
3rd R.Bloomfield, B.Dyer, B.Norrington, J.Sampson 81pts


8th September 2015
Vets Invitation 4BBB Stableford
1st T.Lees, C.Hulet 45pts
2nd R.Goodliffe, B.Edmunds 44pts
3rd A.Banks, P.Hatch 43pts
4th D.Cann, T.Barratt 41pts bb9
Longest Drive Visitor D.Stevens  
Longest Drive Member I.Reynolds  
Nearest the Pin Visitor P.Pattisson  
Nearest the Pin Member P.Wood  


1st September 2015
Ben Spring Trophy
Divison 1    
1st I.Roberts 66
2nd B.Eaton 71
3rd R.Bays 73 bb9
Division 2    
1st K.Brighton 70
2nd A.Smith 72
3rd H.Morris 75


18th August  2015
3 Man Scramble
1st A.Whiteman, C.Sumner, H.Warren 63.5
2nd D.Wimpress, K.Whidden, G.Rogers 63.6
3rd B.Eaton, R.Clarke, P.Mitchell 64.1


11th August  2015
4 Ball Better Ball
1st R.Goodliffe, C.Down 45pts
2nd D.Hammett, M.Cockram 44pts 
3rd R.Gibson, G.Rogers 42pts bb9


4th August 2015
2nd Round Eclectic Full Medal Round
Divison 1    
1st D.Williams 67
2nd M.Beckett 71
3rd S.Piper 73
Division 2    
1st E.Harward 70
2nd P.Hansford 74 bb9
3rd D.Hammett 74


28th July 2015
Jimmy Jackson Foursomes Trophy
1st C.Sumner, M.Cockram 38pts
2nd A.Brookes, K.Whidden 33pts bb9
3rd C.Ofield, G.Rogers 33pts bb9


21st July 2015
3 Man Team Competition
1st A.Whiteman, C.Sumner, C.Burkin 83pts
2nd D.Cann, D.Hammett, T.Morgan 82pts
3rd P.Moran, B.Eaton, J.Harries 78pts


14th July 2015
Yellow Square
1st I.Roberts, R.Goodliffe, R.Bates 125pts
2nd A.Whiteman, C.Sumner, H.Morris 120pts
3rd C.Burkin, D.Hammett, M.Cockram 117pts


7th July 2015
Individual Stableford
Divison 1    
1st I.Roberts 37pts
2nd D.Williams 36pts
3rd R.Gibson 34pts
Division 2    
1st B.Dyer 41pts
2nd C.Tattersall 37pts
3rd T.Beale 33pts bb9


30th June 2015
Texas Scramble
1st E.Forth, R.Goodliffe, J.Harries 63.2
2nd C.Ofield, M.Watson, K.Duringer 63.3
3rd D.Cann, D.Williams, C.Sumner 65.4


23rd June 2015
Better Ball Stableford
1st A.Whiteman, H.Morris 46pts
2nd D.Lesser, D.Cann 44pts
3rd R.Clarke, C.Downs 43pts bb9


16th June 2015
Individual Stableford
Division One    
1st C.Burkin 37pts
2nd A.Brookes 33pts bb9
3rd M.Cockram 33pts bb9
Division 2    
1st T.Harwood 39pts
2nd P.Cupit 38pts
3rd R.Bates 37pts


9th June 2015
3-2-1 Stableford
1st C.Burkin, P.Wood, H.Morris 75pts
2nd J.Sampson, G.Rogers, A.Brookes 74pts
3rd A.Whiteman, C.Tattersall, D.Cann 73pts


2nd June 2015
Freddie Weeks Medal
Division One    
1st M.Beckett 70
2nd R.Bays 71 bb9
3rd I.Roberts 71
Division 2    
1st B.Eaton 67
2nd D.Cann 71
3rd J.Trunkfield 72 bb9


26th May 2015
3 Man Team Event
1st C.Tattersall, D.Williams, J.Trunkfiled 89pts
2nd A.Banks, R.Wilks, C.Ofield 83pts
3rd A.Gorman, D.Lesser, T.Lees 82pts


19th May 2015
Yellow Square
1st J.Slee, D.Cann, A.Hopkins 117
2nd T.Hansford, B.Eaton, R.Gibson 109
3rd C.Burkin, T.Morgan, C.Sumner 107


5th May 2015

Division 1

1st R.Bays 71
2nd T.Morgan 73
3rd I.Roberts  75 
Division 2    
1st B.Eaton 70
2nd  C.Sumner  73 bb9 
3rd P.Cupit  73 


28th April 2015
4 Man Team Event
1st A.Whiteman, D.Cann, M.Redmon, K.Duringer 120
2nd P.Wood, J.Slee, C.Tattersall, P.Hansford 111 bb9
3rd C.Burkin, R.Bates, A.Gorman, R.Goodliffe 111


21st April 2015
3 Man Texas Scramble
1st C.Ofield, M.Tothill, A.Hopkins 61.4
2nd R.Gibson, A.Brookes, P.West 64.7 bb9
3rd B.Eaton, P.Vernon, T.Lees 64.7


14th April 2015
Greensome Stableford
1st P.Cupit, M.Beckett 44pts
2nd A.Whiteman, J.Seatherton 42pts
3rd S.Piper, P.Mitchell 41pts bb9


7th April 2015
Division 1    
1st R.Bloomfield 45pts
2nd P.Wood 38pts
3rd I.Roberts 37pts bb9
Division 2    
1st D.Hammett 38pts bb9
2nd D.Cann 38pts bb9
3rd H.Morris 38pts


31st March 2015
Yellow Square
1st R.Bloomfield, T.Lees, P.Dixon 102
2nd B.Eaton, B.Dyer, M.Cockram 99
3rd R.Clarke, M.Tothill, M.Redman 97 bb9


24th March 2015
3 Man Team Event
1st B.Eaton, P.Wood, T.Thorne 87pts
2nd J.Trunkfield, A.Brooks, D.Lesser 79pts 
3rd R.Gibson, T.Morgan, C.Sumner 73pts


17th March 2015
1st C.Mears, J.Moroney 45pts
2nd P.Dixon, P.Hansford 43pts bb9
3rd M.Beckett, R.Bates 43pts bb9


10th March 2015
3 Man Team Event
1st A.Whiteman, J.Slee, T.Thorne 86pts
2nd B.Eaton, A.Banks, J.Seatherton 81pts
3rd B.Riordan, R.Wilks, A.Brookes 77pts


3rd March 2015

Division 1

Individual Stableford
1st P.Wood 36pts
2nd I.Roberts 34pts bb9
3rd R.Bloomfield 34pts
Division 2    
1st A.Smith 35pts
2nd T.Rooke 33pts
3rd B.Eaton 31pts


24th February 2015
1st G.Rivett, C.Tattershall 40 cb
2nd A.Brookes, B.Dyer 40
3rd R.Bloomfield, M.Tothill 39


10th February 2015
3 Man Texas Scramble
1st A.Whiteman, D.Cann, D.Lesser 61.9
2nd R.Bloomfield, E.Forth, M.Tothill 62.8
3rd A.Banks, J.Moroney, B.Norrington 63.6


3rd February 2015
2 Man Texas Scramble
1st T.Rooke, D.Williams 64
2nd P.Wood, A.Hopkins 65.6
3rd B.Dyer, C.Swain 66.7


27th January 2015
1st C.Ofiled, C.Swain, C.Down 79
2nd A.Whiteman, K.Brighton, P.Cupit 75
3rd D.Williams, M.Tothill, D.Cann 71


20th January 2015
Yellow Square
1st S.Piper, T.Morgan, T.King 105
2nd B.Norrington, K.Brighton, T.Lees 103
3rd C.Ofield, A.Banks, T.Thorne 102


13th January 2015
Texas Scramble
1st B.Norrington, P.Cupit, J.Seatherton 66.1
2nd D.Williams, P.Mitchell, C.Sumner 67.9
3rd C.Mears, R.Bloomfield, J.Trunkfield 68


6th January 2015
3-2-1 Team Event
1st C.Down, A.Smith, M.Davis, T.Morgan 87
2nd P.Dixon, C.Mears, G.Rivett 82
3rd C.Burkin, J.Seatherton, P.Hansford 80


30th December
Four Ball Better Ball
1st A.Banks, D.Cann 50
2nd B.Dyer, R.Clarke 48
3rd A.Brookes, C.Tattershall 46


23rd December
Blind Pairs
1st R.Bloomfield, R.Gibson 66
2nd D.Williams, R.Clarke 65
3rd S.Piper, K.Duringer 62


16th December
4 Ball Better Ball
1st R.Bloomfield, P.Vernon 43
2nd H.Morris, T.Lees 42 bb9
3rd B.Riordan, C.Swain 42


9th December
2-3-1 Stableford
1st B.Dyer, R.Clarke, C.Swain 81
2nd T.Rooke, T.Hansford, J.Moroney 80
3rd I.Roberts, P.Hansford, A.Smith 78


2nd December
2 Man Texas Scramble
1st K.Brighton, D.Williams 65.6
2nd C.Ofield, D.Lesser 70.3
3rd I.Roberts, A.Hopkins 70.4

 This was a new format to the Vets Members.  Conditions were very challenging due to a stiff breeze which seemed to come from every direction!

Tuesday 25th November 2014.  Prior to the Vets Christmas meal, four ball better ball matches took place between selected pairings representing the Captain Tony Rooke and Vice Captain Dave Cann.  Fine weather was the order of the day which suited the Captains side who ran out clear winners by 9 games to 5.  Following this the meal took place where over 60 Vets attended.

18th November
3 Man Team Event
1st D.Cann, D.Hammett, I.Roberts 87 pts
2nd M.Cockram, M.Beckett, C.Swain 84 pts
3rd S.Piper, A.Hopkins, B.Eaton 81 pts


4th November
Texas Scramble
1st V.Cook, P.Dixon, C.Drumey 61.9
2nd M.Watson, B.Eaton, I.Parker 65.7
3rd T.Rooke, C.Burkin, C.Tattersall 66.7 bb9


Mike White Eclectic
1st C.Ofield 208
2nd I.Roberts 216
3rd B.Dyer 222


1st November 2014 - Match Report - The Yellow Square

Vets love a team competition and the intriguingly named “Yellow Square” is no exception. Played in threes, with two scores to count,  nominated players achieved double points on designated yellow square holes!   At least the players knew what they were doing. The trio of Dave Williams, Tim Morgan and Pat Moran proved clear winners with 117 points although their score card needed some understanding and checking.

Second were Vets Captain Tony Rooke, John Slee and Colin Tattershall, a new member, who scored 113. Brian Dyer, Mike Cockram and John Hayward were third on 112, closely followed by Alan Whiteman, Pete Vernon and Frank Waister on 111, the late David Shepherd’s bunny hop score. Fifth on 109 by count back were Stuart Piper, Ian Roberts and Cliff Down.

The final Vets match at Sidmouth was as usual very testing on their undulated course but the Warren had nothing to show for their efforts.  A mixed season results wise but with several new members and a very friendly competitive atmosphere so the future is bright. 

28th October
Yellow Square
1st Dave Williams, Tim Morgan, Pat Moran 117
2nd Tony Rooke, John Slee, Colin Tattershall 113
3rd Brian Dyer, Mike Cockram, John Hayward 112


25th October 2014 - Match Report

A favourite competition in the Vets Section is a Texas Scramble in teams of three although sometimes four. It appears that four playing together has some advantage as they easily came first and second in the latest scramble.  The team of Roger Bloomfield, Pat Moran, John Moroney and Roy Clarke returned a net score of 56.3 well ahead of the second team of Adrian Jacobs, Brian Dyer, Bill Eaton and Ian Parker who carded 59.6.  The best three man team of Tim Morgan, Robert Furneval (a newcomer) and Ken Brighton were 8 shots adrift with 64.4.  Fourth were John Trunkfield, Pete Cupit and Pete Dixon with Martyn Beckett, Peter M. West and Frank Waister on 65.  Frank is a past Captain of the Club who is making a welcome return to the game in his golden years.

Last week’s competition was an American Greensome which was made up of pairs playing off half their combined handicaps.  Conditions were very testing at times thanks to the tail end of the hurricane “Gonzalo”  from the Caribbean.

Roger Bloomfield was again in good form and with Alan Banks, a veteran Exeter City footballer, recorded 37 points to win by some margin.  Second were Alan Whiteman with Harry Morris, by count back, on 34.  Brian Riordan with Peter M. West, Peter Wood with Ken Durringer and John Slee with Cliff Burkin also had 34.

Since March the Vets have welcomed 16 new members but were saddened to learn that long time Warren member Arnie Mitchell had passed away.  Arnie was for many years an Exeter City stalwart having played in the record number of matches for the Club.   He also had the rare distinction at golf of recording gross scores lower than his age.

21st October
American Greensomes
1st Roger Bloomfield, Alan Banks 37
2nd Alan Whiteman, Harry Morris 34 bb9
3rd Brian Riordan, Peter.M.West 34


10th October 2014 - Match Report - Gulls beat Ravens

A team of mainly Vets were hosts to a team from Tall Pines in the return fixture playing for the “Gulls v Ravens” Trophy.  The weather was sunny with a little breeze from the north west, perfect links conditions. The speed of the superb greens came as a shock to the visitors. Tall Pines Golf Course is situated right next to Bristol Airport and a regular haunt of Ravens. The Warren had a huge task in overturning a five games to one defeat earlier in the year. Led by captain of the day Dave Cann with Mike Tothill and Tony Rooke with Paul Hansford the Warren won the first two games. Giving numerous shots Ian Roberts and Mike Cockram could only secure a half. Dave Williams with Maurice Willey and Ron Bates with Stuart Piper also won so the result went down to the final match. John Slee, who has just turned 80, and Dan Green young enough to be his grandson, played some great golf to come home to win resulting in the Warren clinching victory by one game.

7th October
3 Man Stableford
1st Marc Davis, Tommy Lees, Mike Tothill 80
2nd Dave Williams, Mike Cockram, Ken Duringer 79
3rd Ken Brighton, Bill Eaton, Peter.M.West, Peter Cupit 73 


On the previous Tuesday (7th October) the Vets turned out in force to play a three man team Stableford.  Marc Davis, a new Vet, with Tommy Lees and Mike Tothill secured victory with a creditable 80 points.  Second one point behind were Dave Williams, Mike Cockram and Ken Duringer.  Another new Vet Ken Brighton with Bill Eaton, Peter M. West and Peter Cupit came third on 73.  John Moroney, Graham Rivett and Keith Middleton picked up fourth place with 69.  Taking the fifth prize were Pete Dixon, John Trunkfield and Dick Hammett on 65.

23rd September
Ben Spring Trophy
1st Alfie Brooks 67
2nd Peter Wood 68
3rd Peter Cupit 73 bb9


16th September 2014
Texas Scramble
1st Mike Cockram, Edgar Forth and Martyn Beckett 58.7
2nd Dave Williams, Patrick Moran and Colin Ofield 61.4
3rd Mike Watson, John Moroney and Harry Morris with 62.3. 62.3

Match Report - In the Vets match against Stover away a whitewash was averted by Roger Bloomfield and Stuart Piper who secured a half. A slightly better result was achieved at Torquay where two matches were won by Roger Bloomfield with Mike Cockram and Stuart Piper with Geof Edis.

9th September 2014
1st B.Dyer & M.Sandford (Teign Valley)  47 pts bb9
2nd M.Cockram & T.Landau (Teign Vally)  47 pts
3rd B.Eaton & P.Dunkley (Wrangaton)  45 pts

Match Report - Sixty golfers from many clubs visited the seaside links course to play in the annual four ball better ball stableford invitation event.  Conditions were superb which was reflected in the high points that were scored!


2nd September 2014
Texas Scramble
1st Bill Eaton, Roy Clarke, Edgar Forth and Ron Bates with   62.4
2nd Martin Beckett, Mike Cockram and Cliff Down  63.3
3rd David Lesser, Ian Roberts and Dave Cann  64.5


30th August 2014 - Match Report

New member Chris Moore won the Freddie Weeks Claret Cup with an excellent net 67 off his 10 handicap.  Second, on count back was Dave Williams with third Mike Cockram.  John Hayward showed a welcome return to form by winning Division Two with net 71 followed by Alfie Brookes and Terry Lees.

The following week the competition was a “What ‘Appened Was” stableford.  Devised by member Eric Tose, it was billed as a World first.  The format consisted of teams of three with different scoring options on each hole from individual, two or three to count, Texas scramble and Foursomes.  As a first total scores were uncertain but Mike Watson, Stuart Piper and Cliff Down were clear winners with 77 points.  Second were Roy Clarke, Bill Eaton and Mike Redman with 70, followed by Mike Cockram, Ian Roberts and John Seatherton 67, Eric Tose, Cliff Burkin and Peter West 66, Dave Cann, Martin Beckett and Vernon Cooke 64.

Playing away at Teign Valley the Vets lost four matches to one, but overall home and away won six games to four.  Mike Cockram and Alfie Brookes clinched the victory.


12th August 2014
 Texas Scramble
1st Colin Ofield, John Moroney & Mike Tothill  63.6
2nd Brian Norrington, Brian Dyer & Chris Moore  65.2
3rd Vernon Cook, Ian Parker & Peter M. West  65.5

Match Report - Ofield on top again - Colin Ofield continued his winning ways by leading his three man team in a Texas Scramble to victory.  The previous week’s competition was called off soon after the start due to high winds and heavy rain so everyone was keen to play again.  With John Moroney, clearly recovered from surgery, and Mike Tothill, Ofield’s team returned a score of 63.6.  Second on 65.2 were Brian Norrington, Brian Dyer and Chris Moore.   Third on 65.5 were Vernon Cook, Ian Parker and Peter M. West.  John Sampson, Stuart Piper, John Hayward and Terry Lees were fourth with Ken Whidden, Dick Hammett and Ian Roberts securing the fifth prize.

A Vets away match at Staddon Heights, Plymouth resulted in a heavy loss with only John Seatherton and Alan Whiteman winning.  Further the weather was not kind on the exposed course.


24th June 2014
 Mike White Trophy Rnd2
1st Kennith Whidden  86 -21 = 65
2nd Michael Redman  90 -21 = 69
3rd Cliff Burkin  87 -17 = 70


3rd June 2014
Vets Stableford
1st Ian Roberts  36
2nd J M Coulthard  36
3rd Roy Goodliffe  35


27th May 2014
 Mike White Trophy Rnd1
1st Colin Ofield  82 -16 = 66
2nd Tony Rooke  89 -20 = 69
3rd Kenneth Whidden  91 -21 = 70


20th May 2014
1st Colin Ofield  38
2nd Richard Bayes  36
3rd Brian Norrington  33


22nd April 2014
Yellow Square Comp
 1st T.Rooke, A.Banks, R.Gibson 119  
 2nd T.Thorne, M.Beckett, T.Morgan 116  
 3rd A.Whiteman, A.Hopkins, P.Mitchell 115  
 4th M.Watson, S.Piper, P.Hansford 106  


15th April 2014
  Div 1    
 1st M.Becket 38  
 2nd A.Jacobs 37  
 3rd I.Roberts 35  
  Div 2    
1st T.Thorne 39  
2nd T.Rooke 38  
3rd A.Brookes 37  


12th April 2014
Team Comp 2-3-1
 1st B.Eaton, T.Thorne, S.Piper 84  
 2nd D.Hammett, J.Slee, T.Beale 77  
 3rd D.Cann, P.Cupit, J.Coulthard 74  


1st April 2014
Team Stableford
 1st C.Olfield, P.Mitchell, R.Goodliffe 80  
 2nd B.Norrington, M.Watson, A.Smith 80  
 3rd D.Cann, A.Whiteman, C.Burkin 79  


15th April 2014
 1st Terry Thorne 39  
 2nd Tony Rooke 38  
 3rd M.Beckett 38  
 4th Adrian Jacobs 37  


25th March 2014
  Div 1    
 1st S.Piper 37  
 2nd R.Bays 36  
 3rd I.Roberts 36  
  Div 2    
1st A.Banks 35  
2nd T.Rooke 35  
3rd M.Redman 34  


18th March 2014
Texas Scramble
 1st B.Eaton, R.Clarke, J.Seatherton 64.2  
 2nd M.Cockram, D.Hammett, C.Drumey 64.7  
 3rd B.Dyer, T.Morgan, M.Tothill 65.0  
 4th C.Moore, P.Cupit, M.C.Smith 65.7