This page shows results from the Mens' Competitions.

25th June 2017
Club Championship Nett
essay on cartoon character  Score
1st   Greg Ticehurst 64 + 75 - 139
2nd J Brock 72 + 70 = 142
3rd P Eaton 70 + 73 = 143


25th June 2017
Club Championship Scratch
college essay intro help  Score
1st   Jeremy Birch 77 + 71 = 148
2nd B Sclater 72 + 76 = 148
3rd P Eaton 74 + 77 = 151



24th August 2016
Wednesday Stableford
tu mnchen dissertationen  Score
1st   E.Poultney 40pts
2nd L.Cassidy 39pts 
3rd S.Willis 37pts bb9


20th August 2016
Bearne Bowl - Medal
harvard admission essay tips  Score
1st   M.Phillips 66
2nd R.Baker 69 
3rd A.Henley 70


17th August 2016
Wednesday Stableford
phd thesis in database  Score
1st   C.Henley 38pts
2nd L.Cassidy 37pts  
3rd D.Galliford 36pts bb9


14th August 2016
Jubilee Cup - Texas Scramble essay outline example  Score
1st   S.Williams, R.Williams, P.Eaton 56
2nd J.Brock, C.Penaligon, C.Henley 56.5  
3rd M.Heaver, H.McDonald, N.Ebdon 57.3


10th August 2016
Wednesday Stableford
ap world history essay questions  Score
1st   B.Sclater 42pts 
2nd C,Henley 41pts  
3rd S.Williams 38pts bb9


6th August 2016
Captains Bowl essay writing help online  Score
1st   H.McDonald, M.Dove 48pts 
2nd B.Sclater, J.Parkhouse 44pts  
3rd K.Brimson, D.Hodges 43pts 


3rd August 2016
Wednesday Stableford writing good conclusion narrative essay  Score
1st   C.Davey 35pts 
2nd C.Hayter 34pts bb9 
3rd H.McDonald 34pts bb9


30th July 2016
Saturday  Stableford esample of defination essay  Score
1st   H.McDonald 38pts 
2nd S.Greenaway 37pts 
3rd P.Morris 35pts bb9


27th July 2016
Wednesday Stableford the story of an hour freedom thesis  Score
1st   C.Penaligon 43pts 
2nd D.Burridge 41pts 
3rd C.Henley 39pts 


24th July 2016
Sunday Stableford
write my essay service  Score
1st   B.Sclater 35pts bb9
2nd J.Allum 35pts 
3rd J.Skinner 32pts bb9


20th July 2016
Wednesday Stableford thesis wordsworth  Score
1st   B.Sclater 40pts
2nd T.Pugsley 38pts bb9
3rd R.Consterdine 38pts 


13th July 2016
Wednesday Stableford dissertation archive michigan  Score
1st   B.Sclater 36pts
2nd I.Reynolds 34pts
3rd C.Davey 33pts bb9


10th July 2016
Sunday Stableford
customer is not always right essay  Score
1st   I.Jones 39pts
2nd P.Eaton 38pts
3rd R.Baker 33pts


6th July 2016
Wednesday Stableford
ideal job essay topics  Score
1st   B.Sclater 37pts bb9
2nd J.Parkhouse 37pts bb9
3rd C.Tancock 37pts


2nd July 2016
Centenary Trophy thesis examples chapter 2  Score
1st   G.Norman 65
2nd J.Nickles 69 bb9
3rd B.Sclater 69


25th June 2016
Club Championships i need someone to write my research paper  Score
homework help programs Scratch    
1st   B.Sclater 141
2nd M.Phillips 141
3rd S.Williams 142 review literature research papers Nett    
1st M.Phillips 135
2nd B.Sclater 135
3rd J.Allum 140


15th June 2016
Wednesday Stableford introduction for merchant of venice essay  Score
1st   W.Ebdon 36pts
2nd C.Tancock 35pts bb9
3rd B.Sclater 35pts


8th June 2016
Wednesday Stableford
cyber bullying essay  Score
1st   H.McDonald 39pts
2nd S.Williams 38pts
3rd J.Skinner 37pts


5th June 2016
Millenium Cup essay for you  Score
1st   C.Hayter 67
2nd M.Heaver 68
3rd J.Parkhouse 69 bb9


1st June 2016
Wednesday Stableford
bob ewell character analysis essay  Score
1st   G.Norman 40pts
2nd S.Mayes 39pts
3rd J.Winter 35pts bb9


30th May 2016
Bank Holiday Stableford analysis essay frederick douglass  Score
1st   S.Greenaway 40pts bb9
2nd C.James 40pts
3rd R.Vanstone 38pts


28th May 2016
Campbell Cup 10 page research paper topics  Score
1st   A.Hitchman & C.James 62
2nd M.Commins & W.Stamenkovic 63 bb9
3rd J.Commins & L.Ebdon 63 bb6


25th May 2016
Wednesday Stableford
quantitative thesis definition  Score
1st   E.Poultney 40pts
2nd M.Phillips 39pts
3rd G.Norman 35pts


18th May 2016
Wednesday Stableford
sample essay  Score
1st   S.Coleman 40pts
2nd J.Cossey 38pts bb9
3rd W.Ebdon 38pts


11th May 2016
Wednesday Stableford
essay title help  Score
1st   S.Williams 40pts
2nd J.Binch 39pts
3rd P.Fryatt 38pts


8th May 2016
May Cup - Individual Medal
essays on customs and traditions  Score
1st   K.White 64 
2nd D.Heaton 67
3rd J.Nickles 68 bb9


5th May 2016
Wednesday Stableford
graduate school essay help  Score
1st   E.Poultney 46pts  
2nd C.Hayter 39pts
3rd C.Davey 37pts


30th April 2016
Presidents Cup - Individual Medal thesis committee voted to dissolve itself  Score
1st   J.Parkhouse 64  
2nd J.Nickles 68
3rd P.Eaton 69 bb9


27th April 2016
Wednesday Stableford
custom written dissertations  Score
1st   L.Cassidy 38pts  
2nd E.Poultney 33pts 
3rd S.Coleman 32pts 


24th April 2016
Sunday Stableford
help making a thesis statement  Score
1st   J.Allum 35pts  
2nd J.Winter 33pts 
3rd R.Baker 33pts bb9


20th April 2016
Wednesday Stableford
musical analysis essay  Score
1st   J.Allum 39pts  
2nd P.Fryatt 38pts 
3rd A.McMackin 37pts 


13th April 2016
Wednesday Stableford
world history ap comparative essay  Score
1st   J.Allum 44pts  
2nd E.Poultney 38pts 
3rd S.Taylor 36pts bb9


9th April 2016
Saturday Stableford argument analysis essay example  Score
1st   J.Binch 42pts  
2nd R.Baker 38pts 
3rd C.Hayter 37pts bb9


6th April 2016
Wednesday Stableford
1st   E.Poultney 39pts  
2nd P.Warren 35pts bb9
3rd B.Sclater 35pts


23rd March 2016
Wednesday Stableford
1st   D.Johnston 42pts bb9
2nd J.Cossey 42pts
3rd J.Allum 38pts


19th March 2016
Kerswell Cup - Medal
1st   R.Williams 68
2nd P.Eaton 70 bb9
3rd M.Dove 70


19th March 2016
Rabbits Cup - Medal
1st   I.Uphill 69
2nd T.Rooke 70
3rd S.Henley 73


16th March 2016
Wednesday Stableford
1st   W.Ebdon 37pts 
2nd B.Sclater 36pts bb9
3rd K.Stride 36pts


5th March 2016
Terry Allen Trophy - Individual Medal
1st   M.Phillips 67
2nd S.Mayes 69 bb9
3rd P.Morris 69


27th February 2016
3 Clubs & A Putter
1st   B.Bradford, J.Pearce, A.Pearce 76pts
2nd A.Henley, J.Cossey, P.Warren 74pts 


30th January 2016
Better Ball Stableford
1st   S.Ebdon, P.Warren 39pts
2nd C.Hayter, C.Tancock 36pts bb9
3rd S.Carr, K.Heal 36pts bb3


16th January 2016
3 Man Bogey Competition
1st   S.Greenaway, G.Quinn, G.Norman +18 
2nd S.Mayes, R.Benham, S.Henley +16
3rd C.James, A.Hitchman, I.Uphill +15


23rd December 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   M.Mullarkey 40pts bb9
2nd B.Sclater 40pts
3rd M.Phillips 39pts


16th December 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   B.Sclater 36pts bb9
2nd T.Pugsley 36pts
3rd A.Henley 34pts


5th December 2015
Vegas Scramble
1st   N.Hobbs, A.Hough, K.White 58
2nd D.Heaton, J.Williams, M.Beckett 58.5
3rd D.Burridge, S.Khadaroo, P.Eaton 59


28th November 2015
Better Ball Stableford
1st   G.Ticehurst, S.Hawkins 45pts
2nd M.Dashwood, R.Blythe 43pts 
3rd B.Sclater, J.Binch 42pts bb9


25th November 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   W.Ebdon 37pts
2nd T.Puglsey 32pts 
3rd J.Skinner 27pts


21st November 2015
3 Man Yellow Square Stableford
1st   J.Winter, M.Heaver, H.McDonald 104pts
2nd D.Musgrove, N.Musgrove, P.Morris 103pts 
3rd P.Fryatt, R.Baker, S.Coleman 98pts


18th November 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   T.Pugsley 36pts
2nd W.Ebdon 35pts 
3rd A.Henley 30pts


15th November 2015
3-2-1 Stableford
1st   A.Hansell, J.Skinner, J.Cossey 77pts
2nd D.Hodges, K.Brimson, M.Mullarky 76pts bb9
3rd P.Fryatt, N.Prior, R.Baker 76pts


11th November 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   S.Williams 44pts
2nd S.Rooke 40pts 
3rd J.Binch 37pts


4th November 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   J.Skinner 38pts
2nd W.Matsell 37pts 
3rd A.Hansell 35pts


31st October 2015
Daily Mail Foursomes
1st   S.Coleman, C.McGill 70 bb9 
2nd D.Musgrove, N.Musgrove 70 
3rd M.Commins, M.Crocker 73


28th October 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   D.Dimond 37pts 
2nd D.Galliford 36pts 
3rd S.Williams 34pts bb9


24th October 2015
Palairet Cup
1st   A.Henley 38pts 
2nd A.Williams 36pts 
3rd S.Williams 35pts bb9


21st October 2015
Wednesday  Stableford
1st   W.Ebdon 41pts 
2nd C.Davey 38pts 
3rd A.Henley 35pts


15th October 2015
Wednesday  Stableford
1st   L.Cassidy 37pts 
2nd T.Lake 36pts 
3rd J.Cossey 33pts


10th October 2015
B Team Championships
1st   S.Rew & S.Carr  
2nd J.Stewart & N.Davey  
3rd S.Taylor, P.Fryatt  
  Individual Stableford  
1st J.Stewart  
2nd S.Carr  
3rd P.Fryatt  


7th October 2015
Wednesday  Stableford
1st   J.Binch 38pts 
2nd G.Norman 36pts bb9
3rd T.Pugsley 36pts


30th September 2015
Wednesday  Stableford
1st   J.Skinner 40pts 
2nd J.Allum 35pts bb9
3rd J.Binch 35pts


23rd September 2015
Wednesday  Stableford
1st   S.Williams 40pts 
2nd M.Dove 38pts bb9
3rd J.Binch 38pts


13th September 2015
Harmsworth Cup BB Medal
1st   C.Kinson, M.Dove 63
2nd J.Nickles, A.Hough 67 bb9
3rd S.Mayes, R.Benham 67


12th September 2015
Bearne Bowl - Medal
1st   C.Tancock 66
2nd M.Phillips 67 bb9
3rd J.Tancock 67


9th September 2015
Wednesday  Stableford
1st   S.Rooke 38pts 
2nd E.Poultney 37pts bb9
3rd R.Oates 37pts


5th September 2015
Saturday  Stableford
1st   J.Brock 40pts 
2nd J.Binch 35pts
3rd B.Sclater 34pts


2nd September 2015
Wednesday  Stableford
1st   J.Binch 39pts bb9
2nd R.Sampson 39pts
3rd J.Parkhouse 38pts


31st August 2015
Bank Holiday Roll Up Stableford
1st   B.Sclater 38pts bb9
2nd I.Uphill 38pts
3rd J.Binch 37pts


30th August 2015
Jubilee Cup 3 Man Texas Scramble
1st   S.Henley, S.Coleman, C.Kinson 57.2
2nd S.Mayes, D.Heaton, J.Williams 58.5 
3rd J.Tancock, K.Stoneman, M.Phillips 61.2


19th August 2015
  Wednesday Stableford
1st   D.Roberts 37pts
2nd J.Allum 33pts 
3rd C.Davey 32pts 


12th August 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   S.Moore 39pts
2nd M.Phillips 37pts bb9 
3rd J.Parkhouse 37pts bb9


5th August 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   J.Tancock 42pts
2nd E.Poultney 39pts 
3rd P.Shrimpton 35pts


1st August 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   S.Greenaway 38pts
2nd A.Williams 37pts 
3rd W.Matsell 35


29th July 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   E.Poultney 38pts
2nd N.Allum 37pts bb9
3rd H.McDonald 37


22nd July 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   S.Coleman 39pts
2nd D.Roberts 36pts bb9
3rd S.Ebdon 36


18th July 2015
Centenary Cup
1st   S.Williams 68 bb9
2nd P.Fryatt 68
3rd S.Coleman 69 bb9


12th July 2015
Sunday Stableford


G.Quinn 42pts
2nd J.Skinner 41pts
3rd B.Sclater 37pts bb9


8th July 2015
Wednesday Stableford


S.Coleman 37pts
2nd M.Heaver 34pts
3rd J.Cossey 33pts 


27th June 2015
Club Championsips Scratch


C.McGill 142
2nd J.Binch 144
3rd J.Allum


  Club Championships Nett  
1st M.Phillips


2nd J.Binch

140 bb9

3rd B.Sclater



21st June 2015
Summer Solstice Stableford


R.Baker 40pts
2nd D.Rawlings 38pts
3rd S.Coleman 36pts bb9


6th June 2015
Millenium Cup
1st   A.Hough 69
2nd R.Baker 70 bb9
3rd N.Allum 70 bb9


27th May 2015
Wednesday Stableford
1st   A.Williams 40pts
2nd J.Brock 38pts bb9
3rd A.Henley 38pts 


25th May 2015
Bank Holiday Stableford
 1st   J.Allum 41pts
 2nd A.Williams 38pts 
 3rd H.McDonald 36pts 


20th May 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   S.Williams 39pts
 2nd J.Pennington 37pts 
 3rd L.Cassidy 36pts bb9


16th May 2015
Saturday Stableford
 1st   C.Davey 34pts
 2nd J.Skinner 31pts bb9
 3rd J.Allum 31pts bb9


6th May 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   M.Phillips 33 bb9
 2nd J.Skinner 33
 3rd N.Prior 32 bb9


25th April 2015
Presidents Cup
 1st   S.Taylor 62
 2nd J.Pearce 66
 3rd B.Sclater 67 bb9


22nd April 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   N.Bunn 35pts 
 2nd R.Williams 34pts bb9
 3rd S.Williams 34pts 


12th April 2015
Sunday Stableford
 1st   P.Eaton 36pts 
 2nd P.Mather 34pts bb9
 3rd C.McLellan 34pts 


8th April 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   A.Hitchman 40pts 
 2nd N.Bunn 38pts bb9
 3rd N.Allum 38pts 


5th April 2015
Easter Sunday Stableford
 1st   N.Davey 41pts 
 2nd J.Allum 38pts bb9
 3rd R.Baker 38pts 


3rd April 2015
Good Friday Stableford
 1st   G.Davis 36pts bb9
 2nd M.Phillips 36pts bb9
 3rd T.Thorne 36pts 


1st April 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   A.Henley 37pts
 2nd S.Wills 35pts
 3rd J.Allum 34pts bb9


25th March 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   M.Dove 39pts
 2nd W.Ebdon 38pts
 3rd N.Bunn 37pts


21st March 2015
Rabbits Cup
 1st   G.Quinn 36pts
 2nd M.Watchorn 33pts
 3rd K.Stoneman 32pts


21st March 2015
Kerswell Cup
 1st   P.Morris 67
 2nd A.Hitchman 68 bb9
 3rd B.Sclater 68


18th March 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   D.Rawlings 39pts
 2nd B.Sclater 38pts
 3rd J.Binch 36pts


14th March 2015
Campbell Cup
 1st   J.Williams, J.Binch 61
 2nd B.Sclater, R.Baker 62
 3rd M.Davis, D.Musgrove 63 bb9


11th March 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   S.Rooke 40pts
 2nd C.Ofield 39pts
 3rd A.Marine 38pts


7th March 2015
Terry Allen Trophy
 1st   P.Fryatt 65
 2nd R.Benham 67
 3rd K.Stoneman 68


4th March 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   B.Gauntlett 41pts
 2nd L.Cassidy 38pts
 3rd M.Dove 35pts


25th February 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   N.Bunn 41pts
 2nd J.Cossey 38pts bb9
 3rd T.Pugsley 38pts


18th February 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   S.Taylor 38pts
 2nd G.Quinn 37pts bb9
 3rd A.Henley 37


14th February 2015
Saturday Stableford
 1st   M.Dashwood 40pts bb9
 2nd A.Henley 40pts
 3rd S.Rooke 35pts bb9


11th February 2015
Wednesday Stableford
 1st   J.Cossey 37
 2nd L.Cassidy 36 bb9
 3rd C.Davey 36


8th February 2015
2 Man Texas Scramble  
 1st   L.Cassisdy, J.Cossey 55.2
 2nd T.Rooke, A.Brookes 55.6 bb9
 3rd M.Heaver, J.Winter 55.6
25th January 2015
Sunday  Stableford
 1st   M.Heaver 47 pts
 2nd R.Baker 37 pts 
 3rd B.Sclater 36 pts bb9


21st January 2015
Wednesday  Stableford                     
 1st   J.Cossey 36 pts
 2nd S.Taylor 35 pts bb9  
 3rd D.Taylor 35 pts 


14th January 2015
Wednesday  Stableford                     
 1st   N.Bunn 38 pts
 2nd W.Ebdon 37 pts  
 3rd J.Cossey 33 pts 


10th January 2015
Saturday  Stableford                     
 1st   M.Dove 39 pts
 2nd M.Heaver 38 pts bb9  
 3rd N.Wilden 38 pts 


7th January 2015
Wednesday  Stableford                     
 1st   N.Bunn 39 pts
 2nd M.Dove 37 pts bb9  
 3rd S.Williams 37 pts 


31st December 2014
New Years Eve Stableford                      
 1st   W.Matsell 37 pts
 2nd P.Slee 35 pts  
 3rd N.Davey 34 pts 


27th December 2014
Saturday Stableford                      
 1st   W.Ebdon 35 pts
 2nd N.Wilden 34 pts bb9 
 3rd C.Kinson 34 pts 


17th December 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   W.Ebdon 43pts
 2nd J.Cossey 36 pts bb9 
 3rd T.Pugsley 36 pts 


10th December 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   R.Clarke 33 pts
 2nd W.Ebdon 32 pts  
 3rd J.Cossey 31 pts 


7th December 2014
Sunday Stableford                      
 1st   J.Winter 38 pts
 2nd P.Morris 35 pts  
 3rd S.Carr 34 pts 


3rd December 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   A.Henley 40 pts
 2nd J.Cossey 37 pts  
 3rd W.Matsell 35 pts 


26th November 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   B.Sclater 43 pts
 2nd W.Ebdon 40 pts  
 3rd J.Cossey 39 pts 


22nd November 2014
Saturday  Stableford                      
 1st   N.Prior 40 pts
 2nd W.Ebdon 38 pts bb9
 3rd A.Hitchman 38 pts 


19th November 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   J.Cossey 36 pts
 2nd T.Pugsley 34 pts 
 3rd C.Ofiled 32 pts 


13th November 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   M.Davis 39 pts
 2nd W.Ebdon 35 pts 
 3rd D.Allin 34 pts 


9th November 2014
Sunday Stableford                      
 1st   S.Mayes 37 pts
 2nd A.Marine 36 pts 
 3rd H.McDonald 35 pts 


5th November 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   J.Cossey 36 pts
 2nd N.Allum 33 pts bb9
 3rd E.Poultney 32 pts 


1st November 2014
Palairet Cup                      
 1st   K.Stoneman 39 pts
 2nd H.McDonald 37 pts bb9
 3rd T.Agget 37 pts 


29th October 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   K.Davis 42 pts
 2nd J.Cossey 37 pts bb9
 3rd M.Davis 37 pts 


26th October 2014
Daily Mail Foursomes                   
 1st   J.Tancock, M.Phillips 65
 2nd N.Redman, P.Jones 67
 3rd S.Carr, P.Morris 68


22nd October 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   P.Morris 41 pts
 2nd J.Skinner 40pts bb9
 3rd R.Folley 40 pts 


8th October 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   A.Williams 39pts
 2nd S.Moore 33pts 
 3rd D.Roberts 32pts 


1st October 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   A.Williams 40pts
 2nd H.McDonald 37pts bb9
 3rd S.Wills 37pts 


24th September 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   M.Phillips Jnr 38pts
 2nd M.Dove 35pts bb9
 3rd J.Cossey 35pts 


17th September 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   J.Stokes 38pts
 2nd S.Turpin 37pts
 3rd N.Allum 36pts bb9


13th September 2014
Saturday Stableford                      
 1st   W.Ebdon 37pts
 2nd S.Turpin 35pts
 3rd N.Allum 35pts bb9


10th September 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   C.James 40pts
 2nd N.Allum 36pts
 3rd J.Webber 35pts bb9


3rd September 2014
Wednesday Stableford                      
 1st   S.Carr 40pts
 2nd C.James 39pts
 3rd P.Fryatt 37pts bb9


31st August 2014
Mens Invitation                        
 1st   A.Williams & M.Welland 42pts bb9
 2nd M.Commins & D.Hill 42pts 
 3rd C.Hancock & I Cameron 40pts bb9 


23rd August 2014
Bearne Bowl                              
 1st   Peter Farmer  65 bb9
 2nd Steve Mayes 65 
 3rd John Stokes 67